Get medicals for all your needs:
   - School
   - Work
   - Driver's License
   - Insurance Purposes

   - Immigration Purposes

General Medical Consultations

Have a medical concern??

Come in and tell us about it, we will diagnose and help to resolve your concerns.  


We offer a wide range of vaccinations for all age groups.
   - DPT/OPV/Hep B/HIB
   - Chicken Pox Vaccine
   - Rotavirus Vaccine
   - MMR Vaccine
   - Pneumococcal Vaccine
   - Influenza Vaccine
   - Tetanus Vaccine

   - Hepatitis A 

Rapid HIV Testing

We offer rapid HIV testing in office.
A quick and easy procedure.
Confidential and convenient.
Pre & Post Test counselling provided.

Pap Smear


Get your pap smear done in a clean and comfortable environment.
Early detection is key to prevention of cervical cancer.

Wound Care

We offer a wide range of wound care services.
Whether you have a wound that requires dressings and need to have a cut stitched we are here to help.

Minor Surgical Procedures

We offer minor surgical procedures:
   - Incision & draining of abscess
   - Tongue tie release
   - Ingrown nail removal
   - Ear syringing
   - Urethral Catherization
   - And Much More...

Home Visits

We are available to do home visits by appointment as needed.